Why is Grooming Essential for Your Pets?

Any pet owner would certainly agree that pet that is clean is a happy and healthy pet. This means being free from hair in the eyes, fresh and clean fur, clipped nails, clean teeth, and pest-free skin. In this condition, your pet lives a very comfortable life, thus resulting to a better behaviour.

On the other hand, there may be some adverse effects to be expected when a pet is not properly groomed, even making things worse. This may also result to some serious conditions. Let’s consider some very important grooming needs, their impact when neglected, and their importance:

Hair Grooming

Long hair on pets can result to a lot of discomfort, as well as skin issues in most cats and dogs. Hanging hair over the eyes may blur your pet’s vision, thus altering his behaviour. This may also have a tendency to result in eye problems. When hair is not brushed and cleaned properly regularly, your furry friend may suffer from a condition called matting, which may cause burden on them while walking.


Matting comes as a result of a lack of brushing and matting. This is somewhat painful and may pave way to several skin conditions. On top of that, extreme matting may restrict the flow of blood, thus tightly pulling on your pet’s skin. This can result to pain, even when you give your pet a slight pat. In severe cases, this can be so serious that it can restrict the capability of your pet to move around, which may end up in deformities.

Overgrown Nails

While women like long nails, pets certainly do not. Overgrown nails may result to a whole lot of discomfort, and may even be very painful at times. With long nails growing in your pets’ paw pads, infection may happen. Together with this, long nails may also result to the toes of your pets to bend, thus creating a deformity while walking.

Grass Seeds

If you have neglected grooming on your pets, it may not be easy to detect grass seeds on them. These undetected grass seeds may result to abscesses, as well as other extreme skin issues. A lot of cases exist proving that serious conditions, such as a loss of the eye, as a result of grass seed that is neglected.

Dental Hygiene

Pets also need dental care. Lack of dental monitoring may result to various oral issues such as teeth loss, bad breath, reduced appetite, tartar formation, and several others. There are also cases showing that when left untreated, it may even result to organ damage, particularly the kidneys, liver, and heart.

A responsible pet owner would want to make sure that his or her pet/s is well taken care of. Like humans, they also need grooming. In their case, however, grooming is not just for the sake of fashion and style, but as protection for their health as well.