Why Are Fruits Toxic To Cats?

Grapes, apples and cherries are some of the fruits dangerous to cats, as they can cause them intoxication

There are human foods that are dangerous for cats , including chocolate, garlic and onion. However, there are also fruits that are harmful to them, like grapes, apricots and oranges, in addition to nuts such as walnuts. This article lists toxic fruits for cats and what to do if the animal eats them accidentally.

Did you know that walnuts are toxic to cats? In addition, that the grapes are dangerous not only for dogs but also for cats. Cats are fussier than dogs with food and, therefore, intoxications are less frequent. But this does not mean that they do not occur. Cats love to inspect shopping bags, fruit baskets and trashcans where food remains dangerous to them. Nevertheless, here the question arises what fruits are toxic to cats and why?

Toxic Fruits for Cats

  • Apples

A peeled, seedless apple is healthy for cats. However, you have to be very careful. Its pieces, stems and leaves generate cyanide, which is very harmful to cats.

  • Apricots

Like many other seedlings, apricot seeds, leaves and stems also produce cyanide, which is toxic to cats.

  • Grapes

Grapes and raisins are dangerous for pussies, so they should never be added to homemade recipes for cats. “Grapes harm the kidneys and cause kidney disease in these animals,” say veterinarians.

  • Nuts

Research reveals that fruits such as walnuts and macadamia nuts have a toxin that damages both the digestive system and the nervous system of cats.

  • Cherries

Cherries are toxic to cats, especially when they are very mature.

  • Plums

Seeds, leaves and stems of plums contain a sugar compound that releases cyanide, very dangerous for cats.

  • Oranges, Tangerine and lemons

These fruits are also toxic for the cats because of the essential oils they contain and also psoralen.

  • Persimmons

Persimmon seeds can cause clogging in the digestive system of cats and gastroenteritis or intestinal inflammation.

  • Avocado

The avocado fruit contains persin, a fungal poison that is poisonous to many animals, including cats.

Why Are Mature Fruits Toxic to Cats?

 Too ripe or mouldy food can be dangerous to cats, just like people and dogs. Mouldy bread is truly harmless; it has to be eaten in small quantities. But some fruits are not dangerous for cats, like the banana, if they are too ripe. The victims are mycotoxins (fungal toxins) that contain these decaying foods.

Cat Intoxications: What to do

A cat that ingests a fruit dangerous to him can become a victim of intoxication. The symptoms are vomiting, tremors, wheezing, and rapid heartbeat. In the most severe cases, they will even experience seizures.

You have to go to the vet urgently. He will be the one who will treat the cat, and hospitalisation is likely to be necessary. The treatment includes ventilation, to restore normal breathing, intravenous injection and blood tests to monitor organ function.