Quick and Easy Ideas to Decorate the New Year’s Eve Party!!

If you have no idea how to decorate the big night of the year or you do not have time to make a super elaborate decoration to receive your guests, this post is for you! To help you have a memorable evening, we’ve been looking for quick and easy projects that will make you do it until the last hours of 2016, lol. But it costs nothing to do before right? Check out now, 8 Quick and Easy Ideas to Decorate New Year’s Eve Party:


This is so slow, you do not even need step by step, but in any case you check here. The idea is very simple using only a few sheets of cardboard or packaging papers, punch and scissors. To be even more beautiful just look for more metallic papers to create some reflections on the table.



Still following the same idea, if you have a sewing machine you can venture out and make this beautiful garland option. This one does not have step by step method. It is enough to know how to make a straight stitch (in the machine), and to put the circles under the presser foot, so they all come out sewing on the other side. Ahhh, but if you do not have a sewing machine, that’s not a problem either. Just stretch the yarn that you will use and go pass the circles (type making a sandwich you know? Paper circle + thread (line) + paper circle), has no error and the result is beautiful.

Everyone has a glass jar that’s been asking for a help for a long time, so now is the time to give the poor little guy a break and still let him be the center of attention ( Means centerpiece!). All you will need is glue and glitter, both easy to find at handicraft supplies stores. Then just apply the glue and play the glitters, and you have a beautiful pot to use all year long. Nice?


We have also an easiest way by which you can decorate your place i.e. ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ balloons. This one is for those who really left to decorate at 11:30 PM on the 31st December, it’s super easy to find in party houses or the internet. Oh, just fill and fix wherever you want.            





If you are looking to innovate in the party drinks, how about adding some gold in the glasses and bowls? Sure with this tutorial, your toast will be more fun and unforgettable.                     


Do you love elegance and simplicity? You will surely love this inspiration. If you prefer a more Scandinavian decoration you can prepare glitters and feathers and make a beautiful clothesline with them. For this project you need glitter, feathers and thread. Easier yet great idea, right?            


If intention is to decorate your home with a super effect and little work, it is only if you play in this project here that will be success in the right! In addition to being super satisfying to do, if you choose to use only it, you will ensure a beautiful look for your New Year’s Eve. Simply cut out the numbers of the New Year in the cardboard, pass some glue or double-face and wrap it with metallized gold ribbon and make it ready. An easy and low cost decoration. And you can still use the same technique to make a welcome phrase or wish for 2017.            





If you felt a lot of love for balloons, you are just like us!!! We – who love a little color, but do not give up a fine and rich gold, we can recreate this option of balloons in our party that is going to be successful. And if colors do not make your style, just choose the most neutral tones (or the colors you like) and apply the gold that will also be show, we assure you!            

Do you have any other ideas to share with us? Send in the comments!

We hope you have enjoyed these quick and easy ideas to decorate this New Year’s Eve party!