Prince Harry Secretly Dating Meghan Markle

The world of celebrities is filled with twists and turns and a lot of gossip. The latest piece of it entails the romance between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who is currently playing the charming young soon-to-be lawyer in the TV Drama “Suits” Rachael Zane. With this in mind, the rumoured couple is believed to have met back in May this year in Toronto, Canada when the prince was actually visiting the city where Suits is filmed.

Even though that the couple is obviously taking things rather slowly, at least according to the Sunday Express, the prince is supposedly besotted with Meghan.

What does the Source Say?

According to a source, his Royal Highness Prince Henry of Whales is happier than ever. The same source admits that there is a certain level of chemistry between both as they are taking their time in seeing each other and enjoy spending each second together. The Prince has been struggling with keeping their relationship a secret as he is well aware of the fact that everything is highly likely to change in an instant if everything became public.

Denial for Comment

A spokesman for Kensington Palace definitively declined to address the matter, stating that they wouldn’t go so far to comment any kind of private matters. At the same time, a representative of Meghan Markle is yet to make a statement. However, eagle-eyed fans of the actress who are keenly following her Instagram feed managed to note that she is wearing a bracelet which is almost like the one that the Prince has been spotted to wear during the recent months. It is suggested that this is a gift from her new man.

Prince Harry, who is currently 32 years old, has been rumoured to have had relationships with the famous singer Ellie Goulding and with the actress Jenna Coleman. However, both of them declined statements of the kind.

Even though there isn’t any distinctive evidence suggesting a relationship of the kind, the Internet is most certainly going nuts about it. With this in mind, it’s definitely early to jump the gun to any conclusions, but it’s safe to say that there are certain things which have to be taken into account. The regular travelling of both of them as well as the suspiciously resembling beaded bracelets are definitely an indicator and the definitive refusal to comment on the matter on behalf of official spokesman of the Prince as well as the delay in the response on behalf of Meghan might actually point to something of the kind.