Phil Collins Biggest Regret: Cheating On His Ex-Wives

Phil Collins has finally owned up – cheating his wife was one of his actions he regrets the most. His union with his ex-wife produced Lily Collins. But their marriage has dissolved when Collins’ unfaithfulness was discovered. At first, he denied having any regrets because he had decided to “follow his heart”. But the 65-year-old drummer-singer has made a U-turn –he believes his “heart” has led him the wrong way.

As you would know, Phil Collins has been married to three different women –Andrea Bertorelli; 1975 – 1980, Jill; 1984 – 1996, and then Orianne Cevey: 1999 – 2008.

But he somehow managed to find love again with his ex-wife, Orianne Cevey last year. As expected, there have been lots of opinions, most filled with sentiments. This hasn’t deterred Collins in any way. He believes getting back with Orianne Cevey was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to him.

His marriage with Orianne produced Nicholas (15) and Matthew (11), the youngest of his five children.

Orianne on her own part has regretted getting divorced to Phil Collins. “Our separation was a wrong decision” she once said. According to her, she is very hopeful that she will one day get married to Collins again.

In his autobiography titled “Not Dead Yet”, Collins stated that his biggest regret in life was failing to understand his partners, which ultimately led to messy divorce cases which have cost him over $50 million in settlements.

Allowing his three marriages to fail is something he will never be proud of. “It is quite disappointing when you realized you have married 3 different women” he said in his biography.

Phil Collins is one of the numerous celebrities who have gone through several failed marriages. It is increasingly becoming difficult to find celebrities who stayed for so long in their marriage.

In his autobiography, he hinted he would do everything possible to ensure his next marriage become a success.