James Arthur Wants To Have His Tattoos Removed

After years of walking round with bizarre looking tattoos, James Arthur is fed up – he wants to have them removed.

The singer who turned 28 this year has always been a dyed-in-the-wood fan of tattoos. He has plenty of them on his neck, hands and face. But for reasons we aren’t sure yet, he has come forward his plans of removing the tattoo. This will definitely cost him money, but he has no issues with that.

Some of the inking he wants to have removed includes; the tear tattoo on his face, the owl drawn on his neck and the crown etched on his hand. The process is quite slow and costs money – but Arthur said “it will be worth it”.

Unsurprisingly, questions are being asked why the “Say you won’t let go” crooner decided to make a move most people least expected. Turns out the answers aren’t as complicated as you might think. Arthur has made known his plans of switching from music to full time acting, and so won’t want some nasty tattoos to make him look like a type cast. He made this known to Daily Star Sunday Newspaper.

His sudden change of mind could also have been fueled by his comeback to the music scene; 3 years after his career had been marred with controversies, one of which was his rancor with Micky. He was heavily criticized for making comments that were too nasty.

When confronted, he blamed his irrational actions on the pressure he had been facing. But hey – working under pressure isn’t a new thing.

He has acknowledged suffering from pressure, making him blind to what laid ahead. He just couldn’t hold on anymore. Under this said pressure, his actions were always going berserk. Little wonder he decided to cover his body in inking.