How to Track a Lost/Stolen Android or iPhone

Losing a phone is an experience nobody actually enjoys. The good news however, is that you still have good chances of getting back your lost/stolen phone. But before this can happen, it is important you first configure your smart phone. So here’s how to configure your phone for easy tracking and to find the missing one.

It is important to back up your files before trying out these tutorials because you might lose your files if your phone goes off due to low battery. You will also need to sign into your Google or Apple Account, depending on the smartphone you use.



How to Track an Android Phone           

Device Manager gives the easiest way to track an Android Phone. This saves you the stress of installing an app on your phone. But it is important to ensure that all your settings are correct.

To turn up the Device Manager, click Google Settings >> Security, then enable
“Remotely locate this device” as well as “Allow remote lock and erase” option. Next is to turn on “Location access. This can also be found in Google Settings. Then turn on “Google Location History” which can be found under Location Services.

In case your phone gets stolen or missing, go to using another phone. Once you log into your Google account, you will instantly see the location of your device. You will also see options that let you wipe out the content of your phone.

Alternatively, go to history to see the last location of your phone. When you log in, you will see all locations your phone has visited. You will also get to see the last location of your phone before it went off.

Focus on that location history utilizes mobile signals and Wi-Fi as opposed to GPS, so it won’t be as exact as Android Device Manager.


How to Track a Lost iPhone             

You can do this by opening “My iPhone” option –only ensure you set it up before your phone goes missing. To enable My iPhone, click Settings >> iCloud and then the check button. Find My iPhone also needs “Location Services”to be turned on. To do this, click Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services.

To track your missing iPhone, you can either open the “Find My iPhone” app on another Apple phone, or visiting When you start “Find My iPhone” app, you will see the last location of your phone. The app also offers you options to delete all contents from your phone, or sound an alarm.