How To Make Christmas Present Packing – DIY

This year, did you prioritize to buy a Christmas gift online? Most of them don’t have the option to come packaged for gift. The solution was to create with your own hands a package of Christmas gift without spending much. In the end we thought they were a lot nicer than if they had come packed from the stores.

Want to customize your gifts but do not mess with the packages? Stay here and we’ll teach you a modest little option!


  • 1 Gift bag on kraft paper (if you have many gifts to pack, buy the package with 10, from specialized stores or from large stationery that comes out well!)


  • 1 Small paper lacy towel (doilles)


  • 1 Piece of colored string


  • 1 Piece of sisal string


  • 2 Small pieces of garland (may be bits of an old Christmas tree too)


  • Paper punch


  • Stylus


  • Scissors


  • Silicone glue or super glue


  • Put the gift inside the bag. Fold the paper towel in the middle and, with the stylus, make a slot in the top so that the handles can get through the slot.
  • Insert the handles into the slot. With the punch make two parallel holes in the lacy towels through the bag of the Christmas gift packaging.

  • Pass the threads through the little holes leaving the two ends forward. Make a tie. Cut the piece of garland into two small pieces and glue one to each end of the string.

You’re ready for your Christmas gift packaging.

Easy to make and a success, go for this.

Stay tuned for more amazing DIY ideas!