How to Dress Well: 6 Tips to Look Beautiful On Any Occasion!

It is foolish who thinks that dressing well is synonymous with an immense closet, designer clothes and wear what fashion dictates as a trend.

In fact, much more than fashionistas trends, dressing well is wearing outfits that fit your style and personality, valuing your body’s strengths.

However, dressing well is an art and requires much more self-knowledge than fashion expertise. So, we separate in this post some tips so that you are – and feel – beautiful on all occasions, always respecting your tastes and valuing the best that your shape has to offer. Check it!


  1. Use The Correct Numbering

This sounds like a silly tip, but it’s not. Many women end up choosing attires in smaller numbers to look sexier, thinner or younger. Others buy larger sizes to hide the body or become more “comfortable”.

This is a mistake because of the wrong size – be it smaller or larger – interferes with the trim of the part on the body. And a perfect trim is synonymous with elegance and good taste.

Therefore, always taste the clothes before buying them and choose the correct size.

  1. Value What You Have the Best

Every woman has that part of her body that she likes best, or does she find it more attractive, does not she? So use this to your advantage!

Choose outfits that value your strengths. This will make you more confident and at ease, reflecting on your beauty.

In addition, each woman has a type of body shape, according to their proportions. Knowing how to identify your shape can help you choose the dresses that will have a better fit in your body, valuing what you have the best.

  1. Bet on Quality Outfits

As we said before, it is not necessary to have a huge closet with numerous clothes and accessories to dress well.

In these cases, the motto is worth “more quality and less quantity”. It is preferable to have fewer types of attire in the wardrobe, but they should be well cut and made of quality fabrics.

A good cut and noble fabrics positively impact the trim of the clothes and make a lot of difference in the look.

  1. Respect the Dress Code of Your Appointments

It is useless to use dresses of quality, in the correct size, that reflect your personality and value your body if your production is totally inadequate to the occasion.

So if you look at – and respect – the dress code of each situation is very important. Before putting on your look, watch whether it will be a more casual or sophisticated occasion, whether it is daytime or night time, whether it is a more relaxed date or a luxurious dinner. The environment, schedule and program type influence the choice of parts to be used.

After all, dressing well is also having a look appropriate to different occasions and events.

  1. Feel Comfortable

No matter what fashion has dictated out there. If the pants are high pants but you like the skinny, use the skinny.

Wear clothes that make you uncomfortable or do not favor your body, just because it is fashionable is not a good idea. This gives the impression that the clothes are using you and not the other way around. Also, being uncomfortable in one outfit leaves you insecure and negatively impacts your self-esteem.

A typical case is high heels. Many women insist on wearing high-heeled shoes even without feeling comfortable or confident to walk. The result is staying all night sitting or ashamed of walking crooked.

Believe it, the more comfortable you are, the more beautiful you will be!

  1. Respect your Style

Fashion is always throwing trends and we do not always identify with them. The intense prints and colors may even be the new hit of the season, but if you are a more discreet person, you may not feel good about outfits that follow this trend.

Each person has a personality, style and tastes and the way of dressing should reflect those values. So always respect your style when it comes to buying clothes and riding looks.

To dress well, in addition to all the above tips, pay attention to these more practical advice: always balance the silhouette of the look, mixing fairer dresses with more slack; be careful about color matching and merge prints and do not overdo the use of accessories as it can leave the look heavy.

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