Ellie Goulding Seems To Have Found Love with Her Personal Trainer

It has been reported in different tabloids that this gorgeous singer has eloped with her personal trainer –Bobby Rich, but she has denied the claims over and over.

At 29, Ellie Goulding is still markedly single. Bobby Rich, a personal trainer who has worked for big names like David Beckham and Guy Ritchie, now works as a personal trainer for Ellie Goulding. With both still being single, it won’t be surprising if something romantic comes out of their relationship. Her past relationships haven’t been too rosy – we hope this pans out well.

As it stands now, things appear to be going on smoothly with the duo. “We are getting on well”, she once replied when interviewed. All things being equal, the chances of a meaningful relationship budding between Ellie and Bobby, is quite high.

But it won’t be that so easy for Bobby Rich. Before March this year, Ellie was romantically engaged with Dougie Poynter, the voice behind “Still falling for you”. For reasons best known to them, they decided to give themselves space. But Poynter has repeatedly claimed he still loves Ellie.

He was once quoted as saying “We love each other very much”. If this happens to be true, Bobby Rich will have to brace up for a rollercoaster ride if he is ever going to win Ellie’s heart.

To further complicate matters, Ellie has hinted she still feels something for Poynter. She still believes that her love journey with Poynter hasn’t come to an end yet. It has been gathered that she still has hopes of getting back with Poynter once they settle their differences.

“There is something special between us (Poynter)…he is a great guy”, she was once quoted as saying. All we can do now is to keep our fingers crossed and see who will be the last man standing – Dougie Poynter of Bobby Rich.