Effective Ways to Lower Carbohydrate Intake

A diet that is low in carbohydrates can offer a lot of benefits to our health. For one, it can help in keeping your weight down while lowering the chances of potentially developing diseases, including diabetes. Still, the struggle is often easier said, than done. Take a look at some effective ways in which you can lower your carbohydrate intake.

Skip Those Fruit Juices

While they may sound attractive and healthy, fruit juices actually contain only little fibre, and at the same time, filled with carbohydrates and sugar. In fact, they are just like other beverages that are filled with sugar. As such, it is often best to simply stick with water. If you want flavour, you may add a lime or lemon slice and spice your drinks up.

Check Your Dairy Intake

Most often, dairy products are very healthy and tasty. However, reality is that some of them are actually filled with carbohydrates. Frozen yogurt and fruit flavoured yogurt are usually high in both carbohydrates and sugar. As a safe choice, why not simply stick with cheese and Greek yogurt as an alternative.

Switch Bread and Potatoes for Vegetable

When you are given the choice to select between bread and potatoes and vegetables, especially when you are dining out, it would be best to opt for healthier vegetables. Whenever possible, it is important to make sure that your selected vegetables are those that are non-starchy, including corn, peas or carrots.

Eat Snacks that are Low in Carbohydrates

Perhaps you are doing an amazing job in keeping your carbohydrates level at a minimum when preparing your main meals, but the snacks you eat in between meals may add up. Snack treats such as chips and pretzels are completely loaded with carbohydrates. As an alternative, you may want walnuts, almonds or cheese instead.

Consume a Lot of Protein

Consuming high, healthy protein source in every meal can actually make it easier for you to reduce your carbohydrate consumption. Protein sources such as poultry, meat, nuts, and eggs do not just add flavour to your meals, but they can also actually make you feel full, thus you are now unlikely to eat extra.

Lessen Consumption of Bread

Even though bread may be considered as a staple, it is usually high in carbohydrates, yet low in fibre. This applies, particularly to white bread. If you want to lower down your carbohydrate consumption, the most effective and simplest way is eliminating bread. At the same time, while whole grain bread may contain some nutrients, they can also be excessively high in carbohydrates.

Bottom Line

There is no question that reducing your intake of carbohydrate can turn out to be difficult, but with the information you have read above, you may be able to start establishing some healthy habits, especially when implementing a diet that is low in carbohydrate consumption.