It may not seem like it, but it is possible to make an economical Christmas decoration without needing much skill or time. We have selected 5 easy, fast and inexpensive ideas to make your Christmas even more beautiful and special. All this without you have to toast all your savings or the thirteenth. And you do not even have to run. The designs are so simple that it’s possible to make everyone even on Christmas Eve!


Candles – Snowmen

Those light LED candles that sell at party shops look adorable;you can make these snowmen candles with the help of ribbons,pens and amazing colored furs.




Christmas Balls Curtain

Look at that fantastic idea of economical Christmas decoration:use the Christmas balls you have at home, or buy a box of them,attach colored ribbons to each of the balls and hang close to the window.You can tie them in the curtain rod, or fasten in the window discreetly with a reinforced crepe tape.




Decorative Candles 

It’s about supper time and you have not thought of any charming decorations?No panic! Take 4 candles for 7 days, tie a beautiful ribbon on each of them, place them on a tray and fill the base with natural leaves such as rosemary, succulents or whatever else you have around!





Snowflakes On The Wall                      

This is an economical and full of effect Christmas decoration.Paint Popsicle sticks with your favorite color and, after drying them,glue them to the shape of a snowflake. Make several and attach it to the wall on lightweight double-sided tape, or those dough to temporarily attach paper to the wall.





Practical Table Center and Christmas Balls        

All ready for supper but missing the center of the table? Take a plate of cakes or a beautiful platter and fill it with Christmas balls and pine leaves or pieces of garland. Very easy!