Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Divorce case – The truth no one ever told you

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie threw everyone in shock when they announced their divorce on Sept. 19, 2016. The divorce puts to an end a 12 year old relationship which has produced 6 adopted children. Different stories have been going round concerning the actual reason behind their divorce.

The reason behind the divorce still remains a mystery to many. But here is the real truth behind their divorce:

Angelina has had a history of cheating in her previous relationships

Reports has it that Angelina cheated her then husband; Johnny Lee Miller. She went flirting with Jenny Shimizu, a model, even though they were both dating different people. She has also had brief relationships with different men including her half-brother, James Haven. It is speculated that she just got tired of a heterosexual relationship, and may want to try something novel.

Brad would have likely cheated on her

As cool as he appears, Brad does get randy with women when Angelina isn’t watching. It has been reported that Brad went rolling with Marion Cotillard while filming a movie in London. Probably the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

They allowed their career interfere with their relationship

In 2015, Pitt and Jolie both played roles in the movie, By the Sea. The movie’s storyline centered on a couple who were trying to mend their broken relationship. When asked, the couple said that their role in the movie didn’t affect them in any way. They saw the movie as a challenge, and so went for it. Turned out the ripple effect of the movie caught up with them a year later.

Their life priorities are different

While Angie’s interest seems to be waning, Pitt seems to want more. She apparently wants to use more of her time doing charities and less for Hollywood. Pitt on the other hand wants to make more movies. This conflict in interest has lent weight to their divorce.


Each wanted to raise their kids in a different way

According to TMZ magazine, Angie’s sole reason for filing a divorce was the manner Pitt raised their kid. As part of the divorce proceedings, Angie asked the Judge to grant her sole custody of their 6 kids, allowing Brad to only visit. She accused her estranged lover of having anger issues.

His abuse of alcohol

Jolie has accused Brad of drinking alcohol in excess and his unhealthy habit has taken its toll on their children. She doesn’t want to raise kids who will end up picking bad habits from their father.