Baby Fever & Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have two children together. They have daughter North who is three and son Saint who is a mere eleven months old. Kim announced right after the birth of Saint that the doctors had told her that having any more child would be of significant risk to her health.

Kim, who is thirty-six, during a sneak peak of an upcoming episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, tells her mother that she has come to the conclusion of simply looking into surrogacy. Chris Jenner, Kim’s mother, looks on with utter confusion and shock.

Last Words

As of the birth of her son, Saint, a source close to the family informed the press that Kim and Kanye have decided that they would not have any more children. The source is quoted as saying “the plan now is to not have any more kids, and Kim is okay with that.”

Kim has been very forthcoming on her two high-risk pregnancies, and she had noted that the doctors had advised her not to become pregnant again, for it could spell serious health issues for her. The source also has told the media that “things can always change, but she and Kanye are totally happy with just North and Saint.”

Want a Third

Both Kim and Kanye want a third, and possibly more, children but have both agreed that Kim cannot have any more children. Kim complained of Kanye insisting that she have a third child, but she stated that her pregnancies were horrific and that she would never consider actually carrying another child, but she would look into surrogacy.

On the Ellen DeGeneres show, she told the world that she had always wanted around six children. After having a second debilitating pregnancy, Kim and Kayne both agreed to never have another child and that is why she is stating to the world that they are considering surrogacy as an alternative.

Both Kim and Kayne want more children and surrogacy seems like a great alternative, but there could be several complications. Considering their stardom, who would they seek to be their surrogate and how would the entire relationship actually work out? Those are most likely only a few concerns they are having during this tremulous situation.