A Proper Fitness Plan

Going to the gym is something that every man who wants to stay fit and in shape should consider doing. This is an activity which doesn’t require a lot of spare time, and if you are able to give it an hour a day, you are all set. At the same time, the return on this symbolic investment is considerable. You are going to look better physically which is going to enhance how you appeal to other people. This is going to have a great social impact on your life. At the same time, being fit is going to be incredibly advantageous for your mentality – you are going to have a fresh prospective and you can focus a lot more than usual.

Chest, Shoulders As Well As Triceps

Now, there are different variations of different combinations, but here you can find some of the most common ones as they are proven to be working rather well. Combining your chest with your shoulders and triceps is something incredibly advantageous. However, you have to structure your routine properly. You should start off with your chest, go on to shoulders and finish up with triceps.

The reason this program is working and a lot of people prefer to do it is because the chest is giving a residual pump to your shoulders. This is due to the fact that you are lifting with your upper body and mainly your shoulders while you are doing your chest exercises. Some are going to argue here, but the fact is that the residual pressure in your shoulders is significant. This is why you want to follow it up with some exercises to properly emphasis on it.

Finishing with triceps is justified by the fact that they are also receiving a residual pressure from your chest and shoulders workout. The logic is the same as with the shoulders.

Back, biceps and abs

Now, you want to start off by doing your core back exercises. While some routines may allow you to do one exercise for one muscle group and follow it up with another one for a different group – this routine won’t. Your back is an incredibly demanding muscle group, and you must make sure that you do it properly, and you have all the strength to do so.


Legs and calves go hand in hand. However, you should train legs separately. The reason for this is quite simple. This is the biggest muscle group in the body, and you are likely to end up doing about 7 exercises focusing on the different parts of your legs. This is why it is highly unadvisable to go ahead and mix it up with something other than calves.

A lot of people tend to skip the day for working out legs as they usually lay more attention on their upper body. However, this is as wrong as it could be. The reasons for this are rather simple – your lower body is carrying your upper body. This means that if you fail to develop a proper core, you are sooner or later going to start experiencing significant problems with your entire body.