9 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

For the most romantic is the best day of the year, for others it is a real curse. Nevertheless, whatever the way you see Valentine’s Day, this is and will continue to be a date that does not go unnoticed.

On February 14, love conquers (almost) everything, it is true, but you cannot leave your imagination aside. Creativity is essential and you should choose smart or unexpected gifts. To facilitate the task, we suggest our own list of the most unique gifts for this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Print the Best Moments 

What can be more romantic than remembering the days and the good times, you spent together? Certainly, in the era of social networks, you will have dozens and dozens of photographs taken in the most special situations. Choose the most beautiful way of photography instead of printing in the traditional format uses the options like offered by Polabox, which include the possibility of storing in Polaroid format, as a poster or as a nice refrigerator magnet. You just have to connect the site to your social profiles (or upload your PC), select the photos you want to print, choose the size, make the payment and run towards the house to surprise your love.

  1. Eggling

It looks like a normal egg from the outside, but when your girlfriend / boyfriend opens it, you will have a pleasant surprise: inside the shell hides a seed ready to germinate and grow. Perfect for decorating the kitchen. Moreover, it is always good to have fresh herbs on hand to include in these delicious dishes made by both, obviously!

  1. Infinite Candles

This innovative idea, recognised by its unique design. It has been invented upon a concept that is, too simple: to place a candle between two surfaces with mirrors to produce the illusion of an endless chain of candles that shine at the same time. The perfect gift to create the ideal atmosphere for your duo-dinner – Valentine’s Day dinner.

  1. Telescopic Stick for Selfies 

Also for lovers of photography, we suggest nothing less than the gadget of the year: the necessary telescopic stick for selfies nowadays. An accessory that will allow you to appear in all the photos without needing to ask for help to any passer-by. In addition, you will not miss a moment of your love story.

  1. The weapon of Cupid

Would you rather make love or war? Undoubtedly, this is the perfect match to have fun with your partner, but do not take it too seriously.

  1. A Bottle Of … “Reasons Why I Love You”

If you have the time and a very low budget (or even non-existent), this is the perfect gift. Concentrate to identify the most beautiful moments you spent together, the beautiful words or phrases you uttered or the qualities you most admire from your partner. Write it on 365 cards (one for each day), using different colours depending on the category. Moreover, voila, here is a way to make your better half happy for the whole year, until the next Valentine’s Day! J

  1. A Romantic and Perfect Dinner at Your Home

If you are not very expressive, you miss the right words or you never find the ideal gift… why do not you just offer a fantastic candlelight dinner at your home? Do not worry if you are a disaster in the kitchen. You can hire a chef to prepare a delicious menu based on the tastes and preferences of your soul mate. No doubt, it will be an unforgettable night.

  1. Toast ‘I Love You’

There are many ways to say, “I love you”, but surprising your loved one with a surprising message early in the morning can be a pretty effective gift. A beautiful and delicious declaration of love, shaped like toast that will not leave your partner indifferent.

  1. The Butler

Is your boyfriend one of those who, when entering the home, throws the keys to one side, the glasses to the other and leaves the wallet anywhere? For this gift will represent happiness for you: it is a wall structure with clock and space to put glasses, keys and wallets. The perfect accessory for all the most disorganised men and women.

Where to buy: https://www.etsy.com/

Thus, you, do you normally celebrate Valentine’s Day? Which of these gifts do you think is more romantic? Moreover, send us other unique ideas and suggestions!