8 Attitudes That Are Leaving Your Hair Oily Without You Noticing

Common Habits Such As, Running a Hand through the Hair, May Be Behind the Oiliness of Your Hair


Having oily hair is not always a feature of the hair or a hormonal problem. This nuisance can also come from some daily attitudes, which are often not noticed and end up damaging the scalp. Check out the habits that may be behind the greasiness of your hair and change them immediately.


  1. You Rub Your Hair All The Time

This is a very common habit, but it can be harmful to the hair as it can carry oil and dirt from the hands to the hair. In addition, this attitude stimulates the production of sebum in the scalp. For example, if the hair is falling on the face often, use a clip to hold it.

  1. You Sleep With Wet Hair

Sleeping with wet hair can lead to a proliferation of bacteria and fungi that will generate oiliness and dandruff. If you also hold the wet hair, the problem will be the same.

  1. You Use Dry Shampoo a lot

The product is a great option in emergencies, but it cannot replace hair washing. If used in excess, it can cause allergies to the scalp and stimulate oil production.

  1. You Misuse The Anti-Waste Shampoo

The deep cleansing shampoo cleans the hair intensely. However, if used in excess, leaves the hair very dry. To compensate for the imbalance, oil production can be stimulated. Use it once every one to two weeks.

  1. You Are Washing Your Hair With Very Hot Water

This rule is even well known, but it is always good to reinforce that water at a very high temperature causes the scalp to release sebaceous glands, leaving oily hair.

  1. You Exaggerate In Finishers

Moisturizing oils and leave-in creams have to be used with caution if you already have oily hair because they can aggravate the situation. It is recommended that the products be applied gradually and leaving away from the scalp.

  1. You Use the Dryer at the Root

When using the dryer, avoid leaving it standing for a long time on the same wick and close to the root. The heat ends up stimulating the oiliness of the hair. Therefore, use the appliance at least 30 centimeters away by moving it frequently.

  1. You Pass The Moisturizing Mask To The Root

To hydrate the hair, these products have oils in their formulas. However, if the mask is used at the root, it may end up intensifying sebum production. Use it only in compression.

Follow the above tips to avoid get your hair oily. Comment on us and share your view to get rid of oiliness of hair.