7 Quick Fashion Tips for Short Men

The truth is that men like to feel in control and height can be a determining factor. Whether it regards your relationship with a woman or your social contacts, your height is definitely going to have an impact. Some shorter men tend to feel that their height is not exhibiting enough strength or reputation. While this is not necessarily true, we have compiled a list with some helpful tips so you could look taller for your own personal convenience and comfort:

Buy Clothes Of The Same Colour

This is probably the oldest rule in the books. If you keep all of your clothing in a consistent colour, you will manage to create the illusion of being taller. When you decide to wear different colours or shades, try to emphasise on the darker colours and weight them to the bottom half of your body.

Vertical Patterns

This is another quite common but incredibly effective tip. The majority of people know that vertical stripes are going to make you look slimmer while the horizontal stripes are going to widen you. The visual effect is the same, and the same principle applies to your height. Vertical stripes are going to make you look taller.

Wear A Slimmer Fit Clothes

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should buy clothes that are tight and don’t fit you properly. Just the opposite, a properly tailored slim fit is going to create the illusion of height. Avoid wearing jackets that are going to hang loose on your armpits because this will definitely ruin the effect.

Use Smaller Proportions

The fact is that larger proportions are going to make you look even shorter and smaller. This is why you should take this into proper consideration. You generally want to pair jackets and shirts so that there is a shorter broad band, not more than ¾ of an inch. This would increase the illusion.

Your Impressive Details Should Be Up High

Everyone is wearing attention-grabbing details, but if you are shorter, you should put them up high. You could go with a nice scarf or a nice pocket square for your coat; they are both a nice option. Avoid using a hat, unless you normally do so, because most of the people will view it as a lid on you and it won’t achieve your goals.

Make Sure To Get The Right Clothes

Knee-long coats are something that you want to avoid, for instance. However, a sports jacket or a suit jacket is going to build up your shoulders and make you look taller on the upper end. At the same time, trousers at the waist are definitely going to be advantageous for you because you benefit from a longer leg line.

You Can Add Height Physically

You can add height physically to your body, but it is important to do it moderately and not excessively. For instance, a lot of men might prefer to use high heel shoes. Of course, these are not the shoes you see on ladies. The heel is hidden in the shoe, but it can still get quite embarrassing if you have to take it off in public.

We hope that this article is useful and will be helping you to be the best-dressed guy in your circle. Now, you have gone through all the style essentials you need to look taller.

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