11 Mistakes You Should Avoid To Have Healthy Hair

Some habits related to the daily care of your hair may seem unimportant or harmless, but may also be the reason why your hair is always damaged even without apparent cause

What we do with our hair since bedtime, the time to wash, the time to dry, comb and all other related care influences (and a lot) the health of our hair.

It may seem like a silly idea, but even the pillowcase material can influence the frizz of the strands. Cotton pillowcases, for example, end up having more friction with the hair, so they can increase the frizz a little. Already the satin pillowcases are softer in their strands and tend not to cause this effect. Unfortunately, they are harder to find, so if you want to choose this type of pillowcase, you will probably have to make or sew it yourself.

Below you will find a list of other tips that, although simple, when followed, help keep your hair always beautiful and your hair free of double breaks and tips.

1. Choose Shampoo for Scent

Solution: Choose the shampoo and conditioner kit for your hair type. Smell or price are not the best ways to evaluate a product. Not always, the most expensive or the most fragrant is what will make your hair beautiful. It is valid to go experimenting, but always opt for what is indicated for your hair type or need.

2. Wash Your Hair Too Much

Solution: Wash every day, or skip two days without washing. If your hair becomes too oily, try to wash only the fringe and hold it well when cooking, especially if you are going to do some frying. If it is hot, making a coke or a tail also helps to keep it clean longer. On washing, if it is still too oily, make a braid to disguise.

3. Do Not Hydrate or Treat

Solution: Bet on coconut oil every two weeks to keep hair nourished simple. Simply apply it on the overall hair (up to the root, if you wish) before bed, cover the pillow with a towel and wash normally in the morning. Ideally, it should be extra virgin organic coconut oil.

4. Disembowel it wet

Solution: Comb the hair before washing it and when it comes to ironing. The shampoo tries not to embarrass it too much. With the conditioner, try combing gently with your fingers – but very carefully. After the bath, let it dry a little naturally and only then, use a comb. However, do not force.

5. Do Not Use a Thermal Protector before Brushing

Solution: If you can, reduce the use of the dryer and the flat iron or do not use in very high temperatures. The ideal is to buy a good thermal protector and use it whenever necessary. Excessive heat can cause serious damage to the hair.

6. Make Too Much Hair Changes

Solution: If you have chosen to discolour and change hair colour, wait at least 15 days and if possible, 30 days between one chemistry and another. To mitigate the effects of the changes, it is good to invest in a capillary schedule too.

7. Attempting To Discolour Hair At Home

Solution: If you want to make an ombre, buy a product for it. Already the total discoloration is a little more dangerous. Better not to risk it. But if you are unattached and want to try anyway, buy good quality products and follow the instructions.

8.Being Too Lazy To Go To the Salon for Trim the Hair Tips

Solution: Cut the tips is essential to maintain a healthy growth, so if you do not want to go to the salon and your hair is long enough to cut it yourself, trim the ends at home can be a good idea. Nevertheless, be very careful not to cut too much.

9. Aggressively Twist the Hair When Drying It

Solution: It is ideal to use the towel just by touching it in the hair to remove excess water and never twist the hair with the towel. The sudden twisting movement can break the hair too much.

10. Use Too Dry Spray, Gel and Shampoo

Solution: Try to use these products at most once a week. If you cannot, be sure to make homemade masks week to recover the oils that protect the hair and reduce the dry aspect that these products cause.

11. Use Very Old Thermal Appliances

Solution: Old appliances, in addition to being less economical in energy expenditure, can have very hot temperature settings and this can cause irreparable damage to the hair. It is worth checking if the device is still working properly, if not, the ideal is to exchange for a new, economical and safe for your hair.

Avoiding these mistakes is easy and keeps your hair looking beautiful and healthy in a day!